1. Why should you engage a career coach?

We live in a very competitive world and regardless of the type or level of job you are seeking, there will ALWAYS be stiff competition. Working with a coach will give you the edge or what I like to refer to as ‘advantage and differentiation’. You will stand out from other candidates simply because you have done all the relevant activities around job search much better than others. Practically, a career coach can work with you to have a great resume that allows you to get to more interviews and ultimately your dream job. They can also work with you on interview skills that ensure you can communicate your value and better match the requirements of jobs applied for and impress interviewers. You will also have the knowledge and understanding of how to effectively engage with the online job market using LinkedIn, as well as the ability to effectively network with others to facilitate your job search.  Click here to take your first step in engaging a career coach.

2. What should you consider when working with a career coach?

In addition to coaching experience, a career coach should ideally possess ‘real world’ experience in the corporate arena. They should understand – and have lived – the dynamics of working life and ideally have held different and senior roles in diverse organisations and industries. It’s not just about ‘life experience’ or having gone through ‘change’, it’s about corporate experience and understanding the dynamic of working within it. Furthermore, it’s absolutely imperative that your coach really understands job loss and the subsequent challenges of search and has been through a similar journey as yourself. This empathy and understanding is critical. You can see Paul Di Michiel’s LinkedIn profile here or contact Paul to start your career coaching by clicking here.

3. Why spend money on a career coach when I don’t know when I’ll start working and earning again?

It’s understandable that when we are ‘between jobs’ we curtail our spending and ‘watch our pennies’ a little more closely. We can’t predict when we’ll be working next and in the meantime we are relying on our severance payment to pay the bills, which keep coming in…However, receiving career coaching is an investment which facilitates effective job search and which will ultimately help you to move to your next job sooner. Also, the skills you learn while receiving career coaching last a (professional) lifetime and can be used in the future for internal promotion opportunities and external job search.  If you’d like to invest in your career, click here.

4. Everyone has a different opinion of my resume and frankly I’m confused. How would you help me here?

Resumes are very subjective and yes, everyone has an opinion on what to include, how it should look, how many pages it should have among other things. Working with The Career Medic will allow you to develop an achievement-based, brief yet high-impact resume that is guaranteed to get you to more interviews than you are attending today.  Click here to take the first step in creating an effective resume that is guaranteed to get you to more interviews.

5. Why network when there are plenty of jobs online?

The ease and safety of applying for jobs online makes it attractive and does not require a lot of effort. However, only a small percentage of jobs are actually advertised online! Around 80% of jobs are not advertised and are only ‘reached’ by networking – or connecting – with others and being able to present your value – and offer solutions – to them. The Career Medic can work with you to apply a fear-free networking strategy to your job search that involves running networking meetings like a business meeting…and we’ve all done plenty of those over the years!  Overcome your fear of networking and start to effectively mine the hidden job market by clicking here.

6. Is interview practice really worth it? I can speak about myself quite easily!

A career coach can provide a safe environment for you to practice for upcoming interviews. Life is full of regrets and you don’t want to add ‘I wish I had been better prepared for that interview’ to your list…A trial or practice interview with a coach that has practical corporate experience in recruitment and selection will allow you to be fully prepared for the real thing and to be able to perform at your best and to give you every opportunity to be the selected candidate. Now, isn’t that worth the investment?  To improve your interview skills, click here.

Career coaching is a practical investment for the present, but provides lifelong skills in effective job search!